Frequently Asked Questions

What is the luck effect?
What is the luck effect... Everytime you jet past a stationary cop car on the highway and see nothing flashing in your rear view mirror, the luck effect will be there. Everytime a bird decorates your shoulders or restyles your hair, the luck effect will be there. Luck is the untamable force which can change a person's life for better or worse, without the slightest notion of fairness. This site is merely a collection of the most interesting luck-influenced stories, submitted and shared by people like yourself.
How does the Luck Meter work?
The Luck Meter is a mathematical marvel, forged out of seven years of research in the field of precognitive psychology, and the combination of fourth, fifth, and possibly sixth dimensional physics. While many out there would love to abuse its power (like its inventor, who is currently on the home stretch of a three year beat-down from various casino security employees around the world), we have resisted its charm and gave it the menial task of measuring the force of luck prevalent in your stories.
Where do these stories come from?
Stories of great (mis)fortune come from all corners of the globe, and even beyond (ie: Pluto). Sadly, most of these wonderous tales are either comically exaggerated or inherently disbelieveable, but they all share one very important thing in common - the ability to kill time.
Why isn't my story on the home page?
Well, from the optimistic viewpoint, its possible that your story is on its way to the homepage, considering you have submitted it recently and it was a fairly decent story. Because of spam and such we have a moderation process in place to ensure that only good quality stories make it to the home page. This process is in part shared with our users, so they have a say in what stories are enjoyable. You can opt to receive an email notification if your story was accepted by supplying an email address in the submission form. By the way, you can help at any time by clicking Moderate. Finally, even if a story is accepted, it may be queued for some time before being published. Check for the story countdown below the Luck Effect logo for a hint at when your story may be arriving.
What the hell are Lucky Stars?
Every day you'll get seven chances to earn Lucky Stars, by participating in the site and voting on our user's stories. You can earn anywhere from one to thirteen stars each time you vote on a story (and no, the rating you choose has no effect on the number of Lucky Stars you can earn). The higher your total, the luckier you are. Afterwards, check your Lucky Stars Report to see how well you fared, as well as how you compared to the luckiest and unluckiest people for the day. You can share your report with friends or family via the permalink, for both bragging rights and/or sympathy requests.
When will my luck change?
According to our reliable friend, The Gambler's Fallacy, soon. If you are asking because of a painfully long string of bad luck, consider yourself lucky that you are still alive and able to read (or be read to). If you are asking because of a suspiciously long string of good luck, consider yourself lucky that you haven't yet been subjected to the inevitable downswing lurking around every corner of your existence. And finally, if you are asking because of a boringly long life filled with average luck levels, try participating in some extremely dangerous sports, or walking with your head down - you'll be surprised at how much pocket change is yet to be discovered.
Who are you guys?
We are being held prisoner by an increasingly insane man known only as the Luck Lord just a couple of guys who like laughing at the misfortune of others almost as much as we like getting angry and extremely jealous at the good fortune of others. So we decided to build a high class site containing the source of these lucky stories for everyone to enjoy.

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