3/15/2010 - Enhance...Enhance...

Yes my friends, we've made some enhancements. For one, we've implemented the popular Disqus comment system to make it a little easier for people to comment on your stories. Now you can use your existing Facebook or Twitter accounts to leave comments. We've also added a new domain, for those who insist on typing 'the' for some reason. We've also been making a few performance optimizations, so our apologies go out to anyone who has experienced some unexpected downtime. And a special thanks goes out to those who have shared their stories so far and spread the word - we appreciate it!

2/09/2010 - The Launch of The Luck Effect!

We are excited to announce that The Luck Effect has launched! Our mission statement is simply to collect and share the most interesting, entertaining stories influenced by that mysterious force called luck. Our goal is to amass enough stories so that work productivity effectively decreases worldwide. If you have any lucky or unlucky stories, or know of any particularly lucky or unlucky individuals, send them our way! We are looking forward to reading your submissions, launching new features, and hearing feedback about what you'd like to see in the future. With a little luck we'll accomplish our goals, and if not...well at least it'll make a decent story.

PS - We are very eager to hear from our users. Help us by sending us some Feedback.

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