March 15, 2010 9:29:54 AM EDT Unlucky - Wealth

I once drove 30 minutes to buy a roof rack for my car. I parked in a 1-hour lot, went inside and picked up the rack, and realized at the register that I forgot my wallet. So I put it back, drove all the way home, drove all the way back, parked in the same spot, and bought it. When I got out I saw a ticket on my window for extended parking in a 1-hour space. I was furious so I drove around looking for the cop, and I actually found him and confronted him. He said he would drop the ticket if I appeared in court because it was too late for him to change it now. I felt a little better, like I had been wronged and made the world right again. But then on the drive home a van kicked up a rock and cracked my windshield. It cost twice as much to repair the windshield.

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