Unlucky Wealth Stories

August 15, 2011 8:06:04 AM EDT Unlucky - Wealth

I'm usually a very safe driver. In fact I pride myself on it. One night, I was unexpectedly asked to drive my sister to a concert as a favour. The place was about half an hour away, but during the last 5 minutes of the trip I crashed into another car. It cost me an insurance excess of $800. Then, 6 months later, I got my insurance bill. It was an extra $250 than usual, because I had that accident. $1050 it cost me to do this unexpected favour, which I was very unhappy about doing in the first place. Luckily though, during that night my sister found a $100 note on the ground! She gave it to me as a gift. Net cost: $950

June 25, 2011 7:45:44 AM EDT Unlucky - Wealth

So broke... lost my bus pass, nothing to eat, lack tuition, job search failure, found another hole in my pants and today my keyboard is broken for the computer upstairs (my only real valueable) in my room.

May 26, 2011 7:01:31 AM EDT Unlucky - Wealth

Was googling for how to win the lottery, came upon this site

March 15, 2010 9:29:54 AM EDT Unlucky - Wealth

I once drove 30 minutes to buy a roof rack for my car. I parked in a 1-hour lot, went inside and picked up the rack, and realized at the register that I forgot my wallet. So I put it back, drove all the way home, drove all the way back, parked in the same spot, and bought it. When I got out I saw a ticket on my window for extended parking in a 1-hour space. I was furious so I drove around looking for the cop, and I actually found him and confronted him. He said he would drop the ticket if I appeared in court because it was too late for him to change it now. I felt a little better, like I had been wronged and made the world right again. But then on the drive home a van kicked up a rock and cracked my windshield. It cost twice as much to repair the windshield.

February 15, 2010 4:32:30 AM EST Unlucky - Wealth

I bought a Win-For-Life scratch off once, and immediately scratched off two 'LIFE' symbols. It was pretty exciting, so I forced myself not to scratch off the remaining four slots for a while, to keep my hopes up through a boring work week. I convinced myself to scratch off one space per morning. By the fifth day, I had LIFE, LIFE, $100, $10, $100. I finally gave in and scratched the last symbol and....nothing. Literally nothing, like the printer ran out of ink and just stopped printing in that square. I eventually drove to a convenience store and complained and the clerk said he could look it up by its serial number. So he did, and it was a loser.

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